About Mind Map That!

Mind Map That = folk pop music and videos that make you grin, frown, or gasp. 

*Mind Map That is the solo multi-media project of Kara Square. I (Kara) am constantly writing songs... I created MMT as a place to put all those weird, humorous, and occasionally serious songs that don’t exactly make sense for my band. I’m the singer/ songwriter in the electro folk pop duo Team Smile and Nod.  I am working on a solo ukulele love song album as Kara Square

*I used to post a new song, video, or podcast once a week.  Now that I'm working on an ukulele love song album as Kara Square, posts on MMT are less frequent.  I still post the ccMixter podcast, Mind Map That Music Map Podcast (MMTMMP) regularly.  It is posted at the end of each month. 

*When I post a song, I also post a link to the stems (usually on ccMixter) to the song so you can remix it, etc.  If you do create a remix or new video, I'll post it and give you credit (just e-mail me here:  collab[at]mindmapthat[dot]com)  I license each song and video with a Creative Commons license.  Usually this particular CC license.  Sometimes I use a license that is even more open.

*All the music and comedy videos are uploaded to YouTube (please subscribe!).  The completed songs are posted here so they can be downloaded (and you can give me tips if you want).  I keep folks updated on Facebook (say hi!).  I also have a MMT e-mailing list (0-2 e-mails per month).

*Let me know if you have any song ideas or want to collab on something. 


Got a question?  I might have an answer...

Want to collaborate?  I'm usually game...

Got a topic suggestion?  I may just take you up on it...

Did you make something?  Ooooooh!  I'm excited!




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