COLLAB! New Song - Cat Deformity

Unreal_DM from ccMixter posted a song called "Blues Rag in Aminor" a couple days ago.  I couldn't resist adding lyrics.  I already had the main chorus and the concept for this song, and it just happened to fit Unreal_dm's ditty quite well.  The music is 100% Unreal_DM.  I just repeated part of it and added vocals.   Both songs are licenced CC-BY-NC.  Follow the title link to download the song for free!  Follow the links to Unreal_DM for more awesome music from him. 

It's a true story.  The culprit is the cutie in the photo above, Murmur.  Hope you dig!

Cat Deformity (Feat. Unreal_DM) by Mind Map That

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You scowl, ears back
Eyes staring at me
Tongue out, so cute
Your cat deformity

I know you really want my attention
But I’m writing a song about your condition

You scowl, ears back
Eyes staring at me
Tongue out, so cute
Your cat deformity

I know you’d rather be sitting on my lap
Than listening to me croon while you’re laid out on the desk

Now it seems you’re finally gonna drift to sleep
Yeah, you’re little eyes are shut
And a little pool of drool is starting to form
On the sheet of lyrics I’ve been working on

You scowl, ears back
Eyes shut and asleep
Tongue out, drool drips
Cuz’ your cat deformity

I’d rather have you with me, sweet little dear
Even though your drool is making my ink smear

Oh come here, Murmaloo…

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