Mind Map That Reflects on 2011


Derivitive work of "100_1765" by Sonja (tribbles 1971)

What a year!  As 2011 wraps up, I can’t help but be reflective and sentimental.  Please listen to this beautiful piano and trumpet duet from Spinning Merkaba and Donkey Horse Mule while I ramble my reflective reflecting…

Winter Walk (Silver Trumpet Mix)

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I’m very grateful and proud of a lot of happenings this year.  I’m a big fan of lists, so here’s a list of things that make me feel pretty fortunate:

So now I’m thinking about 2012.  My big plan is to release a Mind Map That album (re-mixed and re-mastered collection of songs) and a Kara Square album (called “Lesbian Love Songs for Everyone But Especially Uke”).  Team Smile and Nod will also be releasing our 3rd album.  I will continue regularly posting on MMT and creating new music and videos.  Thank you so much for your support throughout 2011.  Your thoughts and encouragement are sincerely appreciated.  If you ever have any ideas for a MMT song or video, please let me know (kara[at]mindmapthat[dot]com).  Your input is incredibly valuable to me (thus, the addition of polls on the site).  Thank you again and again.  Take care and cause ruckus, my friends.  Happy New Year!

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