SONG FIGHT! His Last Few Days...

CC-BY Licensed Photo by Gilles Gonthier

Hello!  I just discovered a very great site called SONG FIGHT!  The whole idea is that a title is posted and participating musicians write a new song to go with the title.  They submit the song and folks vote.  The winner gets bragging rights.  And so... with that steep of a prize... how can I not enter?  The title for the current SONG FIGHT! is "His Last Few Days."  I decided to write a little ukulele ditty about mayflies since they only exist in that form for a few days. 

His Last Few Days

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So, assuming you dig the ditty above, please vote for it!  Just click the little box to the left of my name- Mind Map That.  An extra cool thing about SONG FIGHT! is that you can listen to all of the songs, download the ones you like, and vote for as many as you dig!  You can only vote for a few weeks, so please dally not.  Also, please tell your friends to listen and vote- it's a pretty fun little competition.  In summary- please vote... and have a kickin' weekend (I would never say that in real life... except this is life... or is it?).

Wanna remix it?  Download the stems here.  

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