MMT Music Podcast #1: Happy Happy Pride to All

I'm always talking about music.  When I'm not talking about it, I'm making it.  When I'm not making it, I'm listening to it.  When I'm not doing one of those things, I'm probably dead.  Poke me with a stick or something.  Just be sure I'm actually dead before you cremate me.   (My mom actually said that to me once.  And it was really funny.  That is, until she actually died.  Then it was just sad.)  Here's a colorful picture!

 photo by Harmony Rae

Based on the previous paragraph, I decided that it would make sense for me to host a podcast.  As this blog focuses on music and humor, so will the podcast.  Here's the little description of the podcast that I wrote up- 

An open-minded podcast that focuses on quirky, geeky, nerdy, eclectic, diverse, wonderfully weird, rocking, popping, electrifying, LGBTQQIA-friendly, and intellectually humorous podsafe music.  Sometimes shamelessly self-serving, sometime explicit, and always slathered with super-silliness.

And so, without further ado, this is the first eva' Mind Map That Music Podcast.  Wooooooo!  :D

Stream it-

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Name it.  Really.  Do you have a catchy idea for a name?  Let me know in the comments.  Or FB.


The music from todays set list comes from ccMixter.

Background Music Throughout-

Minimal Expenditure – Speck (Feat. Csuha, annabloom)

1.  ants….. – Anchor Mejans (Feat. mystro)

 2.  El Tango de la Esperanza Perdida – unreal_dm (Feat. Jacinda Espinosa)

 3.  Blues Riff A Szobámban – error404 (Feat. unreal_dm)

4.  Red Giant – Fireproof Babies (Feat. Kirkoid)

5.  We Are Free (At The Root) -  snowflake (Feat.  PorchCat, spinningmerkaba, Mind Map That, CasperTFG, violetOasis, Larry Lessig, Abstract Audio, Henry David Thoreau)

6.  Experiment – Team Smile and Nod

7.  Lost Event – Pitx (Feat. Sugarcayenne, Alex Beroza, Fireproof Babies, Abstract Audio)

8.  Let That Monkey Be – Mind Map That (Feat. Admiral Bob, Jeris)


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